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Schedule and capacity management

Die Produktion bei Muhr MetalltechnikThe production of car body parts depends on more than high-performance machinery. This is taken for granted by our customers in the automotive industry. It is more about keeping strict control of the production orders and juggling the deadlines with the available staff and machine capacities with meticulous precision.


Efficiency instead of insufficiency

The availability of the tools and dies required for any given order must be guaranteed in order to avoid hold-ups in production. To this end, the tool maintenance engineers liaise closely with the individual project teams at Muhr Metalltechnik. We achieve the maximum possible efficiency in the production processes by analysing operations and factoring in key ratios, such as batch sizes, lead time reduction and the number of tool changeovers.


Made-to-measure metal products

Muhr Metalltechnik develops and constructs products for the automotive industry which are in line with market demands. Muhr Metalltechnik is the expert you need to call on for any vehicle component made of metal.

Our product range