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...From development to
tool manufacture...

The development phase is followed
by the manufacture of the tools and
dies for subsequent series production:

To tool manufacture

Design & development

Efficiency, speed and precision

We work closely with our customers right back at the development stage when designing parts and tools. Naturally, the process is set in its overall context with due regard for aspects of commercial viability. Working together with our business partners, we take care of the die design, construction, deep drawing simulation, prototyping, tool manufacture and the subsequent series production, or any combination of these services as required by the customer in any given case.

Development phase

This is the phase of development in which the die is still a simulation on the computer screen.

Custom-designed products

As a supplier to the automotive industry, Muhr Metalltechnik takes responsibility for the entire product development process, working precisely to meet all the specifications. Functional requirements, performance specifications und design documentation ensure maximum transparency throughout the development and engineering process.

Benefits for you:

  • Reliable project engineering
  • Short development times
  • Absolute concentration on your core business