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Seats for special-purpose vehicles

Safe, hinged, adapted for special needs

Muhr Metalltechnik supplies complete seat frames for special-purpose vehicles. The special vehicles are converted minibuses for the disabled. Up to 12 special seats can be fitted in each vehicle and can be folded up against the side of the vehicle to allow room for wheelchairs if needed.

Special seat frame for minibuses

Sitz für Sonderfahrzeugbau, zusammengeklappt
  • Seat for special-purpose vehicles,
    partially folded


Special construct for seat belts

The seat is fitted with a special column for the safety belt feed mechanism. If wheelchairs are being transported, the safety belt is also fed through the column on the folded seat. There is a special base plate, also made by Muhr Metalltechnik, to anchor the safety belt to the floor.

The seats are assembled from four complex welded units. The individual parts for the welded units are deep drawn, laser cut and partially edged. This is mainly done by deep drawing presses and a new 3D laser cutting device. The individual units are welded with a MAG welder with two heavy-duty Kuka robots specially designed for this application.

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