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Bodyshell fittings

Pressed parts for TG series supplied by MAN

We make the inside and outside panels of the door shells and the typical MAN “side panel ripple fitting” for the double cabs in the TG series supplied by MAN. The parts are made in two stages on hydraulic drawing presses with a press capacity of 800 tonnes and 1600 tonnes in manual feed mode, followed at each stage by laser cutting. The custom-made load-bearing members protect the delicate bodyshell fittings in transit.

Bodyshell fittings for HGV cabs

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  • Side panel, MAN double cab


Hydraulic deep drawing presses

Relatively large parts like tank covers, car body stiffeners, strut braces and decorative wheel covers are made on various double-action and triple-action hydraulic deep drawing presses with press capacities of 400 to 800 tonnes.

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