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From radiator manufacturer to supplier for the automotive industry.
Muhr Metalltechnik

More than 50 years ago, with the acquisition of a copper tube drawing company in Wenden, the Muhr family, residents of Attendorn, laid the foundations for the current company Muhr Metalltechnik GmbH + Co. KG.

Muhr Metalltechnik is a medium-sized family business with its head office in Wenden-Altenhof, Southern Westphalia. With its approximately 200 employees, it mainly manufactures tube stays, welded assemblies, tools as well as steel and aluminum drawn and punched parts for the automotive industry. In addition, high-quality panel radiators, manufactured and marketed under the trade name Dia-therm Carat, are produced at the same location.

Since its establishment in 1963, the Altenhof company has been managed by the Muhr family, where Heinz Muhr (1935 - 2014), the eldest son of Heinrich Muhr (1905 - 1994), expanded the company with future-oriented innovations to become one of the leading radiator manufacturers in Europe and established the brand name Dia-therm as a synonym for high-quality radiators.

Today, Meinolf Muhr (born in 1965) is the third generation to head the company as managing partner. After most of the radiator business was relocated from Wenden to the affiliated company H.M. Heizkörper in Dingelstädt/Thuringia, under his guidance, the company was transformed from a radiator manufacturer to a supplier for the automotive industry to pave the way to a successful future.


Invest in the future – but stay true to your values. The chronicles.

The Biggesee in Attendorn, the biggest reservoir in South Westphalia is under construction and entrepreneur Heinrich W. Muhr from Bruchwalze has to give up this production site for fired bricks as well as metalworking manufacturing in the Bigge valley. Production of fired bricks is moved to Emmerich on the Lower Rhine.

In Wenden- Altenhof, Heinrich Muhr and his eldest son Heinz Muhr purchase the abandoned copper tube drawing company Flügel & Co. and transfer production of metal fittings for tool boxes from Bruchwalze to Altenhof.

Start of radiator production in Altenhof.

The operation is outsourced from the mother company Muhr + Söhne, Attendorn as an independent company and is called Dia-therm Werk Heinrich Muhr.

Forward-looking innovations by company owner Heinz Muhr, such as introduction of industrial application of finishing coats, single-row compact radiators, built-in valve levers, universal connection as well as consistent development of production methods make the Dia-therm radiators a very successful brand in Germany. To date, the brand name Dia-therm is considered a synonym for high-quality steel panel radiators.

Establishment of the company Bruno Willmes GmbH with head office in Drolshagen (district of Olpe), near railway station. Its core business is tool manufacturing.

Move to new production and administration premises in Drolshagen, industrial zone Sengenau.

Acquisition of two hydraulic presses for production of drawn parts for the automotive industry. First order by BMW to Bruno Willmes GmbHfor delivery of punching tools for press facility in Dingolfing.

Establishment of company H.M. Heizkörper in Dingelstädt, Thuringia and start of production of the newly designed profile radiator Galant. Continuous expansion of production capacities at H.M. Heizkörper and gradual transfer of radiator production from Altenhof to Dingelstädt.

Development and start of production of the new Dia-therm Carat radiator – the worldwide first laser- welded panel radiator is manufactured in Altenhof. The following year, the Carat is recognized for its outstanding design and high-quality workmanship. Meinolf Muhr receives the coveted Design plus Award at the ISH in Frankfurt, the worldwide largest fair for sanitation and heating.

The Muhr group of companies acquires the Bruno Willmes GmbH. Management of Bruno Willmes GmbH is transferred to Meinolf Muhr. Besides radiator manufacturing, the automotive supply business becomes the second key area of business for the Muhr group. The Dia-therm radiator factory in Altenhof is expanded with production facilities for automotive parts. In particular, on account of significant investments in the area of mechanical large presses and welding units the automotive business is steadily growing.

Bruno Willmes GmbH is renamed asMuhr Metalltechnik GmbH + Co. KG with its headquarters in Altenhof. Tool manufacturing is transferred from Drolshagen to Altenhof.

The Altenhof site weathers the biggest economic crisis of the post-war era without a major drop in sales and without the necessity for short-time work and job cuts.

With delivery of tube stays for the BMW super sports sedan M3 GTS, for the first time Muhr Metalltechnik becomes a direct supplier of serial parts for the automotive industry. Today, Muhr Metalltechnik as a systems supplier delivers punched parts, welded assemblies and tube stays for the entire BMW group with its brands BMW, Mini, Rolls Royce and M.

Start of operation of the largest photovoltaic system in the Olpe district with a total installedoutputof 500 kWp.

The two independent companies Dia-therm Heizkörper Werk and Muhr Metalltechnik are merged and continue to operate under the name Muhr Metalltechnik GmbH + Co. KG. Production of the Carat radiator and the name Dia-therm as the brand for high-quality steel panel radiators are retained.

The newly established affiliated company MM Systemy Sp. Z o.o starts production of punched parts for the automotive industry in the Silesian city of Opole, close to the border triangle of Poland-Czech Republic-Slovakia.

Commissioning of a new blanking line at the Altenhof site for the production of sheet blanks for further processing in hotforming systems.

Opening of the new factory premises of MM Systemy in Katy Opolskie, near Opole. Besides the existing 400 to automatic punching press a 1000 to transfer press is put into operation.

Various large orders by the BMW group for tools and punched parts for production of new model series in Europe and the US.

Groundbreaking for phase 2 of construction at MM Systemy in Katy Opolskie.

Location search ongoing for a new production site in the Southern states of the US for production of punched parts for the BMW X5 model. Establishment of the American affiliate MM Technics LP with headquarters in Atlanta.